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What is the Nez payday loan all about?

Nez payday loan is a quick loan facility for salaried
Workers, both public and private sector. It is ideal for those who need to meet
Immediate cash flow constraints quickly and seamlessly.

What is unique about the Nez finance payday loan?

i. You can access the loan instantly

ii. You do not need to visit a branch to apply

iii. There is no collateral required to access this loan.

iv. You can apply for a loan at any time of the day

How do I apply for the loan?

i. Simply apply online by clicking on ” apply ”   or

ii. Submit your documents to nezfinance1@gmail.com

What are the documents needed to apply?

i. Recent payslip

ii. 3 months bank statement

iii. Certified ID

Is there a limit to how much I can apply?

Yes. You are entitled to a maximum of N$ 2000 as a
first time applicant. however, the amount can be increased during continuous

How long must I wait before I receive the loan?

As a first timer, it will depend on how accurate and genuine
the customer’s documents will be but it won’t exceed 24 hrs.

Existing customers get sorted within few minutes

Do I pay any charges apart from interest?

No, we don’t charge processing fee, management fee, stamp
duty etc.

Everything is completely free.

When do I pay back this loan?

Repayment is done on the next payday date.

How is loan repayment done?

It is done by direct bank debit order

Where are you located?

We are located in Windhoek

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